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Fred Li

Executive Director

Gobi Partners


My Story

Fred Li, Executive Director of Gobi Partners. Gobi Partners is the fund manager of Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund. Fred is a graduate of The University of Hong Kong where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance, and is a HKICPA Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA). Prior to joining Gobi Partners, he began his career as an Associate at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services. Following his role at Deloitte, he has held positions at VC and PE firms such as Senior Associate at Ocean Equity Partners, Vice President at ARIA Funds of CLSA Capital Partners and Executive Director at Hywin International. He also had experience in business management and served as Group General Manager at Gaia Group. Throughout his roles, Fred has accumulated experience across technology and consumer sectors with a focus in areas such as healthcare technology, SaaS solutions, e-commerce, digitization of consumer brands, and more. 

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